Prehospital Pediatric Emergency Care Champion


An agency-designated liaison who champions pediatric emergency care in the prehospital setting. A prehospital PECC can be an EMS chief, training officer, EMT, paramedic, or medical director. Their responsibilities can include the following:

  • Ensures that the pediatric perspective is included in the development of EMS protocols
  • Ensures that EMS providers from their agency follow pediatric clinical practice guidelines
  • Promotes pediatric training opportunities
  • Ensures the availability and correct use of pediatric medications, equipment, and supplies per agency protocols
  • Promotes agency participation in pediatric prevention programs
  • Works to incorporate pediatrics into disaster plans and training
  • Collaborates with local hospital PECC(s)
  • Promotes family-centered care
  • Works to include the needs of children with special healthcare needs in agency protocols, procedures, or guidelines


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